An IMMERSIVE experience designed for those who are curious to know more
about what the Detour is all about. 

Summer School is Now Sold Out. We'll see you next time!

Summer School is Back & Better Than Ever

Every year I lead a series of live summer school sessions that touch on all kinds of topics related to movement and yoga practice. In the past, these classes happened on Instagram Live which meant...

  • You needed an Instagram account if you wanted to attend
  • You could see me, but I couldn’t see or talk to you
  • There was no way for you to interact with other people in the class 

So this time around, we’re doing things differently.

Rather than spreading out the sessions over eight weeks, this year’s course will happen over 5-days, Monday-Friday, allowing you to engage with the content that builds day-to-day and guarantees
ah-ha moments every step of the way.​

Summer School is Now Sold Out. 

Our theme for these 5 days is:

Here's what we'll be covering:

  • Day One: What does ‘engage the core’ actually mean and do bandhas have anything to do with it?Understanding the connection between breathing, core engagement and spinal integrity.

  • Day Two: What’s a hip hinge and why do I want to do it?
    Dial in the relationship between your spine and pelvis to mitigate hamstring injuries and keep your lower back feeling goooood.

  • Day Three: So that’s how I get stronger?!
    Invest in your wrists, shoulders and pulling strength to make plank, push-ups and chaturanga accessible and sustainable.

  • Day Four: How do I make Upward Dog feel this good all the time?
    Experience the potent combo of a spine that moves and glutes that aren’t afraid to fire.

  • Day Five: Why do my tight hip flexors feel so weak?
    Hip flexion, stepping forward from downward dog, and figuring out what to do with your pelvis in chair pose.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, sun salutations contain a multitude of opportunities for exploration. Together, we’ll unpack the movements that may not always feel like they make sense for your body and apply new tools and techniques to discover more strength and spaciousness than ever before.


By the end of the week you’ll no longer see sun salutations as something to endure, but instead as vehicles of discovery and experimentation.

Each session will include practice time
(we’ll be moving!) 

along with Q+A and discussion.

After these five days, you’ll understand more about:


•  Your spine and how to move it, stabilize it and control what you want it to do

•  Your pelvis and the role it plays in keeping your lower back not only happy, but strong

•  Hamstring resiliency and why forward folds aren’t the devil 

•  Push-ups and how to build the kind of strength needed to make them (and chaturanga) feel GOOD and supportive

•  Backbending and how to avoid pain and discomfort in these movements

•  Joint mobility to ensure your wrists aren’t sore after practice, your hips stop feeling like they need to be “opened” and your downward dog pose actually feels like a balanced “resting” posture


Plus, you'll experience sun salutation variations that will transform this aspect of your practice from something repetitive into something really exciting.

So, when does it all

go down?

🗓 Monday July 20th - Friday July 24th

⏱ 10:00-11:30am ET daily on Zoom


Sessions will be recorded but each recording will only be available for 24 hours so we recommend you attend every class live in order to get the most from this experience.


Investment: $49 (+tax if applicable)

Yup, that's it... Less than $10/class for the kind of info that will have you seeing EVERYTHING differently...

Take it from Daniella (now a Detour Informed Teacher) who told us:

The best part has been the new or slightly different ways to prepare the body for different components of asana.


I am a personal trainer and a lifelong athlete, but Cecily has studied so many movement modalities that I haven't had access to, and I loved the way she presents them as they bear influence on a yoga practice.


Plus our brains and our bodies love novelty, so different approaches to finding strength are always so good to find and play with."

When you start to see the practice through a lens that values variety, exploration and diverse approaches to movement, no yoga class will ever be the same.

Summer School IS for you if:

•  You’ve reached a plateau in your movement practice and you’re ready to level-up


•  You’re curious about unconventional approaches to asana practice and want to see how this work bridges the gap between the yoga you love and other movement stuff you’re seeing on social media these days


•  You’ve seen other people posting about their Detour training experiences and want to see what all the fuss is about


•  You’re excited to commit to 90 minutes a day for 5-days and won’t have any issues carving this time out of your schedule


•  You’ve heard about Detour Method Online but you’re unsure about that time/financial investment and want a taste-test first

But you should take a pass if:

•  You’re not interested in movement or the physical aspects of yoga


•  You prefer to learn in-person


•  You don’t have the time to invest in getting curious right now


•  You're perfectly content with your movement practice and knowledge and you don't feel you have much more to gain or learn in that arena. 


•  Although you realize there is much more to learn - you simply don't want to level up your practice or continue your education.


Summer School WILL leave you wanting more. After these five days together, you won’t be satisfied—you’ll be hungry.


The discoveries made during this course will have you asking more questions and looking for better answers. You’ll walk away wondering why it’s taken you so long to find your way to the Detour and feel an insatiable urge to make up for lost time. But that’s ok, because you won’t be alone.



Spaces are limited and priority will be given to those who are new to the Detour community. 


Summer School is Now Sold Out.

We'll see you next time!