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The Business of Movement

Providing emerging entrepreneurs with the road map you need to turn ideas into reality.


This program will help you see through the “shoulds” and “have tos” to develop clear and strategic priorities.


The ah-ha moments you’ll experience along the way will build the confidence needed to maintain momentum in a world of rapid change.

  • Four recorded sessions (7+ hours of video content)

  • You'll never lose access to the content

  • Video closed captioning makes it easy to follow along 

  • Actionable takeaways that are NOT exclusive to yoga teachers! 


One-time payment for lifetime access to this game-changing program.

It’s time to leave behind the overwhelm and confusion. Thankfully, you don’t have to do that alone.

Hey there 👋, I'm Cecily.


I know exactly what it feels like to have so much to offer yet be stuck in neutral. It's taken years of trial and error to finally arrive at a place where:

  • My teaching aligns with my own interests and passions.

  • I can share my work with those who are curious and excited about what I have to offer.

  • I make enough money to sleep soundly at night.

Ten years ago, I was driving around town teaching every class and private client I could find just to make ends meet. Today, Yoga Detour is a six-figure movement education business that employs multiple people and gives me more freedom than I’ve ever had before.


Over the course of that decade I learned:

  • That teaching classes where you’re paid by the hour is unsustainable and the least efficient path to financial independence.

  • How important it is to scale your offerings and provide more value to a greater number of people without sacrificing your most valuable resources (time and energy) in the process.

  • Why understanding the ins and outs of operating a business is just as (if not more) important than anatomy, biomechanics and everything else you thought was enough to be a successful instructor.

Now, it’s time to pay it forward.

The Business of Movement
Now available as downloadable recordings!

Here's what you can expect...

  • Four Sessions in Total

    Get your pen and paper ready and prepare to catch what we're throwin' down. Each session is conversational in style, striking that perfect balance between casual accessibility and "Why didn't I learn this stuff sooner?!" value.

  • Multiple instructors, different viewpoints

    In the Business of Movement, you’ll join me and two of my most inspirational colleagues—Jesal Parikh (Yoga is Dead Podcast, Yogawalla) and Cora Geroux (Teaching Yoga Podcast, Business 101 Yoga Teacher Training). Together we leave no stone unturned when it comes to the do's and do not's of building business momentum.

  • The best value at an accessible price

    Get access to 7+ hours of training that will set you up for the next 7 months of business—at least. Plus, you'll receive bonus resources and follow-up prompts to keep your wheels turning long after you've completed the recordings.

The Business of Movement: Part One

Mind Your Business: How Showing Up as Your Imperfect Self is Actually Perfect 
with Jesal Parikh


Do you find yourself scrolling through other yoga teachers’ social media feeds and feeling jealous that everyone else seems to have it all together? Do you struggle with following through on your big idea because you feel underqualified or because you have no idea where to start? In this two-hour conversational presentation, you will learn:

  • Strategies for getting out of your own way and getting started
  • How transparency is your undervalued superpower
  • Why creating a community is WAY more important than your follower count
  • Why you don’t need to have a detailed business plan or follow all “the rules” in order to meet your goals
  • What truly differentiates you from your colleagues (hint: it’s not how much you know)
  • Why systemic bias might be the reason you're experiencing imposter syndrome


Your Dream Offering: Crafting a product that’s unique to you and irresistible to your clientele with Cecily Milne


Going from "I have so many ideas!" (or, conversely, "I don't have any ideas!") to "I know exactly what I want to offer" isn't as hard as you think. When it's time to determine what you're going to put out into the world, discernment is key. In this two-hour conversational presentation, you will learn:

  • Why it's not only okay but necessary to narrow your offerings rather than expand them
  • How to design offerings you're proud of that people will want to pay for
  • How to charge based on value rather than time
  • How to create programs that go above and beyond industry expectations
  • How to set yourself up for long-term, repeatable success

The Business of Movement: Part Two

Content Is King: The power of long-form content, and how to not burn out while creating it with Cora Geroux


Long-form content (podcasts, blogs & videos) is a powerhouse when it comes to creating brand recognition, trust, and sales in your business, but getting started can often feel overwhelming and confusing. In this two-hour conversational presentation, you will learn:

  • What long-form content mediums to invest in for 2021 and beyond
  • How much time to budget for content creation
  • How to outsource large portions of your content workflow, why it's worth the investment & how to find good help on a budget
  • Why planning ahead is your best friend when it comes to content creation
  • How to coordinate everything so you can create once & share across multiple platforms

Taking the "ugh" out of social "medi-ugh": Marketing approaches that won’t make you want to run and hide with Cecily Milne


Chances are, you became an instructor (or service provider) because you want to help people, not because you want to be in sales. But in reality, you can't help people if they don't know about you and what you offer. Thankfully, getting the word out there doesn't have to mean becoming a gimmicky salesperson! In this two-hour conversational presentation, you will learn:

  • How to craft messaging that will get attention
  • Why it makes sense to systematize content strategy alongside any potential advertising
  • How to transform social media from an unpleasant obligation to the ultimate tool of connection
  • Why it's a good thing to polarize your audience (and maybe even offend people!)
  • Tried-and-true approaches to finding a marketing approach that works for YOU

Ready to dive in?

Here's who else will be joining the conversation...

Jesal Parikh (she/her/hers)

Jesal (she/her/hers) is a first generation Indian-American yoga teacher, podcaster, movement educator, author, and disrupter working on creative solutions for equity in yoga. Her mission is to uplift those of us who are feeling isolated and marginalized by the yoga industry.

In 2010, Jesal received her formal yoga teaching education from
S-VYASA University in Bangalore. Shortly thereafter, she began teaching yoga in New York City. She soon learned that this new career path came with a shocking measure of racism, cultural appropriation, unprofessionalism, exploitative business practices and sexual harassment. The hypocrisy of the yoga community mixed with her personal experiences feeling dismissed, excluded and oppressed by the yoga industry prompted her to co-create the Yoga is Dead podcast with Tejal Patel.


As a yoga teacher and mentor, Jesal provides all her classes, workshops, movement education, and coaching through the Yogawalla website. She also uses this platform to provide valuable content on how to bring all aspects of yoga to your everyday life.

Cora Geroux (she/her/hers)

Cora has been working & running businesses in the wellness industry for over a decade. She got her start teaching group yoga classes, and taught thousands of hours of classes between 2009-2019.

In 2014 Cora opened a RYS (Registered Yoga School) and created and led 200 HR Hatha & 50 HR Yin Teacher Trainings. In the same year, Cora also qualified as a life coach. From 2016-2019 Cora was the co-owner of two yoga studios in Sydney, Australia - where she managed the company's social media strategy, graphic design, teacher education & events.

In 2019, Cora’s then podcast, “Interview With A Yogi” was featured in Australian Yoga Journal, and now Cora is the host of the top rated podcast, Teaching Yoga, where she has interviews some of the best & most respected yoga teachers from around the world.

Today, Cora teaches & coaches yoga teachers on business mindset, marketing & strategy so they can lead more fulfilling and profitable careers through her online training Business 101 Yoga Teacher Training and private coaching practice.

To recap!


✔   7+ hours of downloadable content that's yours to keep


✔   Bonus resources complement the topics covered in each session


✔   Closed captioning for accessibility and convenience


✔   No-holds barred approach that Yoga Detour™ is known for

✔   Actionable steps to get you really doing the things you've been dreaming up


✔   The kick-in-the-butt you've been looking for when it comes to realizing your business goals


This is what happens when people trust us

to deliver the goods:

This series was so inspiring and grounding! I'm still in shock that the price is so low for the four sessions—quite the deal considering the level of conversation that's happening and the generosity being offered. Can't wait to apply some of the takeaways, especially around vulnerability, risk, and starting modestly. 


The Business of Movement has emboldened me to create the course that’s been on my mind: the thing that wasn’t there for me when I needed it. Feels I’ve broken through a massive wall.


BOM Participant

I've felt so lonely on this journey of just trying to figure out how to start as a newbie teacher, trying to share the teachings with more people. This conversation was that extra hand to grab onto walking up the mountain. 


Thank you! 


BOM participant

I've been doing the recordings and I find the info EXTREMELY valuable. Truth be told, a lot of this stuff I know, have heard before or you actually covered in DMS but now it seems to be landing differently.

It was so comforting to hear the other participants express concerns similar to mine.  It's nice to know I'm not alone in all of this.


BOM participant

My business partner and I were recommended to your program by a friend of ours who thought we would appreciate it. And she was most certainly correct!


Not only has the information been helpful for us as a relatively new business in the movement/exercise industry, but on a personal level, I truly appreciate your candidness regarding the trials and tribulations of sharing yourself and your voice so openly.


Doors Open participant

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