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Get the inside scoop from EACH member of the Yoga Detour Team


Innovation. Systemization. Money. Marketing. Educational Strategy.

You know how to teach yoga.

You’re actually really friggin good at it.

You’ve got all kinds of ideas when it comes to what you can teach. It’s like you were born dreaming up class plans, workshop themes and teacher training modules.


You’ve got so much good stuff to offer. Yet, you’re struggling BIG time with translating those great ideas into actual revenue.



Because you signed up to become a yoga teacher - not a business owner. Yoga teachers know how to lead classes that guide people through movements that make their bodies feel better. Business owners know how to create and support revenue-generating opportunities while serving their customers.


Running a business requires a very different skill set than teaching a yoga class.


Up until now, that may not have been a problem… until Covid-19 happened.

Your studio closed. The world went online. You had to figure out which mic to buy, which platform to use for streaming classes. You saw other teachers offering their classes for free, or by donation, and wondered if you should be doing the same.


All of a sudden everything became a frantic reaction as opposed to a strategic response. And while that urgency might serve us well in the short-term, it’s not sustainable.


So we got together and created the perfect resource for you. A resource to get you out of your head and into the minds of those who have been through all of this before. 


The entire Yoga Detour Team presents: Doors Open. 

Innovation with Cecily

  • How we went from freebies to paid content in a streamlined, sustainable way
  • Where our ideas come from and how they’re leveraged
  • Why you don’t need to know the trajectory of your entire business on Day 1 and how to pivot

Systemization with Jenn

  • See the exact tools and systems we implement behind the scenes to stay organized
  • Learn how our systems speak to each other to boost automation and efficiency
  • Understand what to consider when you’re beginning to build or expand your team

Money with Penny

  • Understand the different types of business organizations from a financial perspective
  • See how we keep track of the money that comes into and goes out of Yoga Detour
  • Learn to safe-guard your bottom line using our approach to workshop budgeting and cash-flow forecasting

Marketing with Kass

  • Get the steps to build an audience, and then turn that audience into customers
  • Understand how to build your brand. Hint: it's not by spending more time finding a logo and picking out the perfect colors.
  • How to advertise in a way that’s not only effective but also easy to implement

Educational Strategy with Michelle

  • Access the tools and resources we use to create courses and workshops
  • How to teach what YOU want to teach while also filling gaps in the market for educational programming
  • Get the lowdown on Imposter Syndrome and learn to calm the overwhelm that can come from putting your work into the world.

Get the Inside Scoop

Five webinars — one from each member of the Yoga Detour team


✔   Each webinar will include a 45-minute presentation including each team member's "5 Pieces of Advice," as well as detailed answers to our most frequently asked questions


✔   Audio files you can download to your phone or computer for easy-listening while driving, at-home, or on the go. 


✔   A supplementary PDF document that includes the key-takeaways and checklists from each presentation.


We’ll explore innovation, systematization, money, marketing and educational strategy.

What People Are Saying

Here's what people are saying about Doors Open:

Not only has the information been helpful for us as a relatively new business in the movement/exercise industry, but on a personal level, I truly appreciate your candidness regarding the trials and tribulations of sharing yourself and your voice so openly.


I am sooooo loving it.

Because I’m having a break from teaching during Covid, 
I thought this would be interesting (always!) but perhaps not useful or relevant right now.




Yoga Detour’s success is a reflection of a whole team of expertise.

A team that we want to share with you.

Cecily Milne

The One With the Ideas

I’m the innovator, the one lying awake at night thinking about the next course, the next blog post, the next Instagram post.


I’m the one always wondering what else is possible.

Jenn Cardoso

The One With the Action Plan

I’m the organizer, the one happy to get up at 5am to answer emails and figure out how to build systems to support our plans.

I am the structure behind Yoga Detour. 

I get in front of the chaos before it strikes.

Penny Pong

The One With the Calculator

I’m in charge of the books, the one who asks “How does Yoga Detour benefit financially?” when the team comes to me with an idea.


I take care of the bottom line so they don’t have to.

Kassidy Crawford

The One With the Megaphone

I’m the one who gets the word out there. I live and breathe digital marketing. I ensure Yoga Detour blogs, social media content  and general messaging gets in front of the right people.


I'm the sounding board, cheerleader and sometimes...devil’s advocate.

Michelle Sengara

The One With the PhD

I’m the one who gets Cecily dopamine-high on chocolate almonds whenever it’s time to pull information out of her brain for a new course curriculum.

I leverage my expertise in educational design to ensure that every workshop and online course presents the Yoga Detour method in a way that the rest of the world will understand, appreciate and be inspired by.

Avoid the Roadblocks. 

Take the Detour.

Making Yoga Detour into a successful business didn't come easy...


We'll tell you about all the lessons learned and mistakes made so you can build your successful business without all the detours!