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What People are Saying:

The biggest takeaway is the Isolate-Activate-Integrate approach to teaching. It has become almost second nature to think of prep/activations for yoga poses. I can’t plan a class without them now, even when I’ve tried (out of laziness) to skip them, they find their way in there!“


DMO April 2020

Leaving the training I felt liberated from the strict guidelines of movement within the yoga sphere and I now sequence and cue with more attention to the intention of the movement/pose. Can’t wait to continue to learn and move with the Detour community!


DMO April 2020

"DMO bridges the gaps I feel that most 200 YTT trainings leave out. DMO enables you to question things you thought you already knew and it enables you to feel empowered to come to your own conclusions without being told what is right or wrong.”


DMO November 2019